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Experiencing change in the workplace and managing it well continues to be a concern of many a business leader or manager.

Change happens every day in every business as it; downsizes, restructures, expands, merges, appoints new business leaders and changes systems and processes. Yet sadly, businesses often manage this change spectacularly wrong.

What many businesses fail to recognise is that they are actually always in a state of flux and that recognising this and managing it effectively is what separates good businesses from the rest.

Change may well be persistent in the workplace, but the scale and implications of a transformation project– and the reasons that drive it – can vary enormously.


The causes of change may be down to a plethora of reasons including; business trends, environmental factors, differing expectations of stakeholders and shifts in the global, social and political sphere

Most importantly, it is how that change is met that is significant. Responses can be reactive and in response to a crisis within the organisation or outside it. Or it can be proactive, where the organisation can meet the needs of the marketplace by; reducing risk, improving environmental procedures, improving quality, raising customer satisfaction, retaining staff or in many other ways.

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HR advice. Project and change management. Restructuring company. Changing the business.

HR advice. Project and change management. Changing the business. Restructuring company.

Identifying Change

Research suggests that change can fall into the following broad categories:

Strategic Change

This comes about when alterations are made to an organisation’s functional parts. For example, through mergers, acquisitions or consolidations.

Leadership Change

This relates to the reconfiguring of an organisation’s leadership. This can be through any number of reasons including; retirement, ill-health, death, termination, a leadership coup or a plain old natural transition.

Cultural Change

This occurs in the human aspects of the business such as the relationship between managers and employees, or of that between staff and customers. This can be the trickiest and most unpredictable aspect of change.


This is when certain activities and operations are eliminated.

Process Change

This focuses on how systems are formulated and can be improved.




Our Services

With the innumerable ways that a business can change it is impossible for us to give a definitive list of transformation projects we can assist you with, as it will depend entirely on your own business activities and decisions.

However, some areas where we have significant knowledge and experience include:

  • HR Strategic Planning
  • Company Restructure/Organisational Design
  • Departmental Restructuring
  • HR Advice
  • Redundancy Management (Collective/Individual)

  • Outplacement Resources
  • Relocation/Expansion
  • Start-up & Closures
  • Investors in People Accreditation
  • Change in Organisational Culture


HR advice. Project and change management. Company change. Restructuring meeting.





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