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Prevention Rather Than Cure

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Some of the most problematic situations to deal with in the workplace are those regarding disputes and conflict. This is all the more important when you realise that in the majority of cases, these disputes could have been managed and nipped in the bud so much earlier, preventing them from blowing up out of proportion.

However, if a situation has got to this stage then it has to be managed in a fair and consistent manner which ensures both parties are equally satisfied with the process, regardless of overall outcome.

Positive employee relations are essential to the health of any business, and we can support that with authoritative HR advice. We work closely with clients to help them navigate difficult workplace issues as well as adhering to constantly changing Employment Laws and Best Practice.


It should be made clear that Lanes Employment Solutions is not a legal firm, so we do not command lawyer fees. We do, however, have a large network of legal practitioners that we work with in the best interests of our clients.

Our own specialists are highly qualified Employment and HR professionals with a deep understanding of employment law and will advise you according to the latest laws and best practice.

At Lanes Employment Solutions we pride ourselves in the fact that we concentrate on 'prevention rather than cure' and work with our clients to help implement processes to avoid conflict and dispute.

Employment practice, is, however, not always that simple. Indeed, if need dictates a more in-depth and complex level of litigation management then we will support you throughout the entire process. Our litigation expert network is on hand to ensure you get the best possible outcome to your situation.




To discuss how our HR advice or our litigation and dispute management service could help your organisation, please contact us.




HR advice. Litigation and dispute management. Judge with gavel.

Our Services

Lanes Employment Specialists offer a vast range of dispute and litigation services to support you and your business in your conflict.

  • Professional HR Advice
  • Negotiation Services
  • Mediation Services
  • Arbitration Sessions
  • COT 3 - Early Conciliation
  • Individual/Collective Dispute
  • Settlement Agreement Negotiations
  • ET1 Response Administration
  • Tribunal Bundle Preparation
  • Tribunal Attendance





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