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How We Can Help

At Lanes Employment Solutions our specialisation is in HR. We have built up an extensive understanding of HR through decades of work in the HR sector. If you have anything HR related, we are in the best position to help. Whether your issue relates to; a problematic employee, a pay review, high absence or employee turnover, a redundancy situation or any other issue, we will have dealt with a similar issue, and can identify the best steps forward.

There are a number of HR services that we provide, and you may require ad hoc assistance to guide and support you when issues arise.


We can help with:

  • Maternity cover
  • Interim HR Support
  • Holiday/absence cover
  • Additional support for special project assignments

Alternatively, we offer an advisory service to support business owners, managers and in-house HR teams to detect problems before they arise and provide ongoing help throughout the year. Through our advisory service, businesses can tap into as much or as little expertise as they need through our flexible generalist HR support service.




 not one size fits all.. 

Employment and HR Consultancy in UK

Our packages are TOTALLY bespoke, and is guided by you to ensure you get absolute value in areas where you specifically need it.

For example, if your business struggles in keeping up with paperwork, then you may utilise us to fulfill all of your HR administration functions.              







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All packages require a 12-month contract subscription to ensure scheduled support. If you require something more bespoke or would like further details about our HR advice and outsourced HR services please get in touch.

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