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Lanes Employment Solution Specialists is a consultancy that specialises in advising businesses on all employment matters. Our practiced HR Consultants have the knowledge and skills to support your business on all HR topics. We also have expert Growth and Rescue Specialists who are on hand to guide you through transitions of growth or decline.

We assist businesses of all sizes, but most frequently support SMEs, and other businesses that lack dedicated HR support departments or the extensive knowledge that serious HR issues require. Get in touch if you would like further information about how we can help you with expert HR advice, outsourced HR and assistance.

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Services at Lanes Solution Specialists

Growth & Rescue Services

Our independent specialists can examine your business strategy and create innovative strategies and solutions to help get your business back on the right track with expert HR advice.               

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HR Advice and Support

We have a deep understanding of all HR matters and can help your business with any issue or problem you have, however large or small.                                                                                                                

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Recruitment Services

Let us help you find the best candidate for your job vacancy and assist you when it comes to interviewing the candidate and integrating them effectively into your organisation.

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Executive Search

Finding the right senior management is often an arduous task. We can assist in identifying the perfect candidate who will move your business forward for the future.                 

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Employee Relations

Managing employee relations is a vast topic, but we have the knowledge and can provide the HR advice to assist in all predicaments including grievances, disciplinaries and conduct issues.

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Litigation & Dispute Management

We are experts in negotiation and conflict management, and always aim to ‘nip disputes in the bud’ before they develop into damaging disputes.                                 

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 Training Courses

We can help grow your business through training that will develop your workforce and increase their knowledge. We offer a number of training courses from the broad, such as ‘effective communication’, to the specific, for example ‘unravelling GDPR’.

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Compensation & Benefits

Identifying the optimum salary to pay your employees is a delicate process and you will need to properly remunerate your employees, while at the same time ensuring that your business is cost-effective and sustainable for the future.

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Project & Change Management

Whether you are downsizing, restructuring or merging, we understand the best methods to ensure all change is implemented smoothly and without complications.                                                                                                                               

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Employee Development

There are a myriad number of ways to develop your workforce. If this is an area in which your business wishes to improve, we can help identify the most appropriate system to grow your personnel.

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Absence Management

Navigating the sensitive matter of employee absences requires tact, sensitivity and good judgement. Our experts are on hand to help you in all related matters including pregnancy, disability and illness.

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GDPR (Data Protection)

If you do not properly prepare for GDPR you may be hit with a financial fine or penalty. We can provide guidance and support to ensure that you carry out best data protection practices.

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Our understanding of HR is deep and exhaustive. Our experts are always up to date with all statutory legislation and continuously supplement their knowledge by keeping abreast of all employment news and developments. Most importantly, we always communicate this knowledge in ways that are concise and easily digestible.


We complete our work through appointments that are completed on site and/or by phone. As a result, we have low overheads and can pass these savings onto you. Naturally, our fees are very reasonable and cost-effective.


It may be hard to envision how our advice can add value to your business. However, our knowledge and skills will give your business a deeper understanding of issues and make it more informed. This will increase the efficiency of your business, by avoiding the costly mistakes that can impact on your bottom line.

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Client Testimonial 

Dawn's innovative approach to training and her in depth HR knowledge is instrumental in the growth and development of our company. As Managing Director the ongoing support I receive from Dawn is invaluable.

Dawn has been a great sounding board and implementing a complex range of HR issues within our business from individual staff one-to-ones, through to contracts, handbooks and help with preparation for our restructure. I am always impressed with her pragmatic approach to problems, a quality service.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dawn

Sharon Alderton | Managing Director | Total Support Training Ltd.



If you would like further details about the HR advice and outsourced HR services we can provide, please get in touch.